IP Telephony System

Specialised Security Systems is an Avaya partner (Sapphire) in Kuwait specializing in IP Telephony, Unified communications and video conferencing solutions.

Why IP Telephony?


A first step towards Digital Transformation

Migrate your communication system to a modern IP Telephony platform and explore the possibilities of how collaboration, AI, IoT, and communications enablement can drive Digital Transformation across industries as varied as government, hospitality, transportation, finance or healthcare. Whether you choose basic telephony devices or a full multimedia phone, upgrade your workforce’s collaboration experience to foster innovation and improve operational efficiency. IP Telephony offers feature-rich platform, better scalability, significant cost-savings, mobility and ease-of-management.

Redefine your Digital Workplace

Allow teams to work when they want and over whatever channel or device they want. You do not have to be at your desk to answer your phone any more. Be reachable on your extension wherever you are and be on top of your tasks at all times.

  • Make engagement fit into how employees work
  • Manage communications as needed to drive targeted business outcomes
  • Drive more personalized, business-focused outcomes

Featured Vendor

Specialised Security Systems (SSS) is an Avaya Partner in Kuwait at the Sapphire level. Our certified sales and technical staff are well-equipped to study your unique problems and recommend solutions to help meet your goals. We specialize in design, implementation and maintenance of the various solutions in the Avaya portfolio. Being a system integrator we also offer value addition through integration of other systems with your communication infrastructure.


Migrating Legacy Systems

We can offer solutions to replace your legacy analog, digital & hybrid PBX and key systems. We are running special promotions for migration of legacy Nortel Norstar and CS1000 systems.

3rd party integration

We offer integration with various systems including 3rd party PBXs, contact center, unified messaging, public address systems, intercoms, video conferencing, fire alarm, nurse call etc.

Multi-site Connectivity

We can deploy solutions for enterprises having multiple geographic locations and link them all with failover as well as centralized licensing and management.