Fire Protection & Suppression Systems In Kuwait

Turnkey Fire Protection Systems Kuwait

Fire protection system is an integrated system planned to detect fire, raise the alarm and activate the automatic fire extinguishing system at the same time alerting the fire-fighters. Putting a fire protection system in place is not only for safety purpose but is also mandatory in some building codes. A fire compliant construction increases its saleability due to the safety it provides.

SSS, a Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) approved fire-fighting contractor, provides fire protection system such as:

  • FM 200 System (For Datacenters, Server Rooms, Telecommunication facilities)
  • Inert Gas System(IG -55) (Electrical facilities, Industrial facilities, flammable liquids storage, libraries, museums etc.)
  • NOVEC 1230 System (Datacenters, server rooms, banks, clean rooms, hospitals etc.)
  • Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System for restaurants
  • Sprinkler System (ICV, Sprinklers, Flow control station, Flow switch, Pressure Switch, Flow meters, FBI, Pressure Reducing Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves.)
  • Foam Equipments (Concentrators, Bladder tank proportioning System)
  • Water Spray System (High, medium velocity nozzles, Deluge valves)
  • Fire Fighting Equipments (Extinguishers, Hose Reel, Cabinets, Fire Hydrants, Fire Doors, Valves)

We at SSS also design, supply, install, test, commission & and undertake maintenance of:

  • Hose reel systems
  • Fire sprinklers systems (NFPA)
  • Fire suppression systems,
  • Foam deluge systems,
  • Water spray systems,
  • Kitchen Hood fire suppression systems.
  • Fire Curtains
  • Pipes and Fittings