Fire And Alarm System Integrated with Voice Alarm

Voice Alarm / Voice Evacuation system provides real-time information to people in geographic area, site, or in buildings. Our integrated solution provides intelligent fire detection, alarm & voice broadcast, communications with visible signals, text and graphics.

Fire & Alarm System Integrated with Voice Alarm

Our Product Range

  • Different range of intelligent fire alarm and audio network panels to suit any project requirements.
  • Sophisticated Audio / Voice Evacuation
  • Designed for peer to peer network communications.
  • Advanced control, including warden page, integrating remote fire fighter phones with audio / evacuation speakers network wide.


  • High-Rise Buildings
  • University / Corporate Campuses
  • Commercial Complex / Multiplexes
  • Office Towers.

Product Approvals

  • Local Authority for Jurisdiction : Kuwait Fire Service Directorate.
  • KNPC VEC Listed
  • UL, ULC, FM