IPTV System

We would like to introduce our IPTV/Interactive TV System. With IPTV Technology we can transmit, DVD Quality free to Air and Pay TV channels over Data Network without any interruption.

We can have Value added services such as Video-On-Demand (VOD), Music-On-Demand (MOD), Digital Signage and advertising services, Interactive TV (ITV), Fire Alarm Interfacing, etc. along with MPEG quality channels.

IPTV is today’s latest TV delivery method. An IPTV head end is a very small and simple piece of hardware. It uses very little power compared to analogue alternatives, and it uses very little rack space. In fact, a normal IPTV Head end is the size of a regular PC – rather than the size of a telephone kiosk which has become the norm with analogue solutions.
Less power, less heat, less space, less maintenance

IPTV Video Distribution System Solution

A large benefit from IPTV is the ability to offer a huge range of powerful services, not available within analogue environments. Examples are: Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Audio language selections, and Subtitle selection. All resulting in a better service to the guests.

Appear TV head-ends are designed for “modularity, high-density and flexibility”.

If offers its customers one of the most advanced head-end designs for delivering analogue and digital Broadcast services to their subscribers. Multiple inputs such as IP, DVB-S/S2, ASI and DVB-C Can be inserted into the system. This shows its ability to adapt to different stimuli.

The high density and flexibility of the systems make it easier to stream and multiplex
Digital content over a wide network of IP addresses.