Video Analytics

Traditional Video Surveillance meant a security guard sitting in a control room watching and review video feeds from multiple cameras for the duration of his shift. Today with the exponential increase in computational power using human effort for mundane tasks is considered ineffective and also inefficient. Today’s cameras and video analytics are extremely smart and can automate tasks and analyze live or recorded video serving a number of purposes like live monitoring of violations, investigation and forensics, person identification, vehicle identification and even gleaning business intelligence from the collected data. Video Analytics  doesn’t replace humans but augments their capabilities. Below are some of the many ways video analytics is used today by enterprises, law enforcement and homeland security:


Facial Recognition

Accurate face recognition even in crowded environments like airports and tourist attractions using IP cameras. While most of the applications are in forensics & investigation it Can be also be used in live monitoring. Sophisticated integrations are also possible.


Perimeter Protection

Monitor and detect threats along perimeter boundaries, sterile zones and critical infrastructure. High long range accuracy rates using thermal or visual range cameras are possible and high effectiveness as a result.


Intrusion Detection

Setup automatic alerts when specific events occur during predetermined schedules. Cameras can also pan and zoom automatically into the incident. It is useful is in preventing theft and break-ins before they happen.


Traffic Management

Used to automatically detect accidents and congestion. Analytics is used to detect violations & identify perpetrators. Can also be used for vehicle counting, learning traffic patterns & controlling signals to manage traffic.


Forensic Analytics

Search easily through terabytes of video from multiple overlapping and non-overlapping cameras within given window of time. Search based on object type, object colors, behavior, direction and face recognition etc.


Crowd Management & Footfall Count

Use video analytics to study behavior of crowd and gain real-time situation awareness in public spaces. Footfall counting can also be used to extract valuable retail analytics data and business intelligence in various scenarios.


Abandoned Object Detection

Automatically identify abandoned objects that could be potential threats and initiate procedures for removal. Useful in airports, railway stations, metro stations and similar public spaces.


Operations Management & BI

Use analytics to get real time events, heat-maps and reports which can be used to optimize business operations. Also, automate the monitoring of staff, contractors, construction activities etc. and identify potential safety hazards.


License Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR/LPR is used for vehicle identification using special cameras or regular IP cameras with varying accuracy rates. These systems are used to identify black-listed vehicles & identification for operation of parking barriers, bollards etc.

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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

Video analytics open up a plethora of possibilities for AI and Machine learning related enhancements to process optimization, customer experience, KPI metrics, automation, situation awareness, behavior analysis etc.