Access Control


Access control is a security feature used to control the access to online or digital resources in terms of who, what and how much can be accessed by the end user depending on the hierarchy, role or function in the organisation. The access control can be set up in two ways:

  1. Physical Access Control – Refers to controlling the access to certain premises such as campuses, class room, corporate, datacenters, restricted facilities etc. using cards, key entry, biometrics etc.
  2. Information security – Refers to controlling the access to networks, digital data or files using Network access control products, firewalls, digital identity, biometrics etc.

We at SSS PROVIDE Physical Access Control Systems to a host of banks, ministries and oil & gas facilities and high-value corporates of Kuwait with services and features such as:

  • Multi site – Client/Server architecture
  • LAN/WAN configuration
  • Integrated Maps
  • Badging & ID management
  • Duress messaging & Crisis management
  • Integrated Guard tour systems
  • CCTV integration
  • Global one-card migration paths
  • Bio-metric readers like Fingerprint readers, Face detection, Palm Vein readers as well as cards and Keypad entry and any combination of technologies. Fully IP based systems
  • Remote terminal applications
  • Integrated time & attendance and Visitor Management Systems
  • Integration with Turnstiles, Bollards, road blockers, parking systems, tire-shredders (tire-killers)
  • Integrated Intercom capability for access control that requires manual intervention
  • Integration to BacNet & LonWorks
  • Integration to Lighting, HVAC & BMS systems
  • We also offer time attendance software with all required reports for HR, payrolls etc.