Industrial and Commercial Gas Detection System

A gas detection system is designed to detect gas leakage or other harmful emissions. They usually form a part of preventive measures taken to ensure safety for all concerned. A sensor based system alerts the people in case of gas leakage and prompts for immediate evacuation thus guaranteeing safety for maximum people.

Make your premises safe, with our most advanced gas detectors, smart sensors and gas monitoring equipment to meet your application requirements.

Industrial & Commercial Gas Detection System


  • System Design
  • Supply & Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Maintenance & Service.

OUR varied PRODUCT RANGE includes

  • A wide range of commercial and industrial gas detection equipment.
  • Industrial gas detection system for all types of combustible and toxic gases
  • Reliable and Low-maintenance line of gas detection transmitters, sensors and controllers provides continuous monitoring of ambient gas concentration levels.
  • LPG detection system for kitchen, cylinder stores, plants etc.
  • Carbon monoxide detection and ventilation control system for car parks

Product Approvals

  • Local Authority for Jurisdiction : Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD)
  • LPCB, ATEX, Baseefa.